Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing is an addictive fishing game where your goal is to catch as many fish as possible to earn coins. You start by casting your fishing line into the water, then swiping left and right to hook fish that swim by. Each fish you catch earns you coins based on its rarity.

Gameplay Of Tiny Fishing

  • Casting your line and swiping to catch fish
  • Earning coins based on the rarity of each fish caught
  • Spending coins on upgrades:
    • Increased quota
    • Maximum depth
    • Offline earnings
  • Deeper areas have more valuable exotic fish

How to Play Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing offers simple, accessible controls and gameplay perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Here’s how to play:

  • Cast your fishing line – Click and hold the left mouse button to cast your line into the water. Pay attention to the angle and distance.
  • Wait for a bite – Keep an eye on your bobber for movement indicating a fish is nibbling the bait.
  • Set the hook – When you see the bobber go under, click the right mouse button quickly to hook the fish. Timing is key!
  • Reel it in – Keep the right mouse button held down to reel in your catch. The fish will fight back, so be patient!
  • Collect points – Successfully catching different fish earns you points based on weight and rarity. Rack up points to climb the leaderboards.
  • Upgrade gear – Spend your hard-earned points to upgrade things like your fishing rod, reel, and bait. Better gear means bigger fish!

Tips & Tricks for Tiny Fishing Success

  • Prioritize valuable fish when quota is limited
  • Upgrade depth early to access lucrative areas faster
  • Let offline earnings build up during breaks

Key Features

  • Simple, satisfying fishing loop
  • Earning coins by catching fish
  • Strategic upgrades to improve fishing
  • Relaxing, bite-sized experience


  • With casting, catching, and upgrades, Tiny Fishing delivers accessible fishing fun
  • Hook rare fish and earn coins to keep expanding your capabilities
  • The addictive gameplay is perfect for passing time anywhere

Visual Customization

While the core fishing gameplay is straightforward, players can customize the visual experience. As you progress, unlock various rod designs, reels, lines, lures, and other gear to fit your personal style. Change up the look of your angler with hats, outfits, and equipment. Different backgrounds and weather effects can also be selected. These cosmetic enhancements add more engaging long-term goals beyond simply upgrading performance. Personalize your experience while chasing rare catches.


  • Tiny Fishing was created in 2019 by Coconut Island Games, a small indie Philippines-based game studio. It was initially released on the Coolmath Games website.
  • In 2020, Tiny Fishing was ported to mobile, launching on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game was also translated into multiple languages around this time.
  • In 2021, Tiny Fishing made the jump to PC, releasing on Steam. The mobile and PC versions were updated with new content like an additional location and new fish type.
  • 2022 saw further updates to the game with a new fishing rod and aquarium added. The mobile version was featured on the App Store’s “Best New Games” list this year.
  • As of 2023, Tiny Fishing has reached over 10 million downloads worldwide across all platforms. It continues to be updated and maintained by Coconut Island Games.

How to throw the fishing line

  • Use the proper casting technique. Bring the rod back over your shoulder, then quickly flick it forward while releasing the line with your index finger. Let the weight of the lure/bait carry the line forward.
  • Aim for your target. Pick out where you want your lure/bait to land and cast towards that spot.
  • Consider the wind. If it’s windy, aim slightly upwind of your target to compensate. The wind will blow your lure or bait to the desired spot.
  • Start with short casts. Until you get the hang of it, make short underhand casts to get the technique down. Gradually increase the distance as your skills improve.
  • Use the right amount of power. Don’t cast too hard or the lure will go too far. Start with smooth, controlled casts, and add more power as you progress.
  • Keep your eye on the lure. Watch it as it lands to get an idea of how hard you need to cast for desired distances.
  • Use quality tackle. Good rods and reels engineered for casting will make learning much easier. The right line is important too.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Find an open field or park and spend time just working on casting. It’s a skill that takes time to master.


  • What are the controls?
    • Mouse click/drag or mobile swipe left/right to hook fish. Tap to recast the line.
  • How to earn coins quickly?
    • Focus on rare deep sea fish over common fish.
  • What to spend coins on first?
    • Increasing the catch quota lets you catch more fish before recasting.
  • How does offline earnings work?
    • The game generates coins when closed based on stats if the tab/app is fully closed.
  • Can I run the game in the background?
    • You can minimize it on mobile, or use an auto-clicker on desktop.
  • Does TNF require internet?
    • Yes, it needs an internet connection to play and enable offline earnings.

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